The importance of the syndicate in residential buildings

Une réunion du bureau syndical d'une résidence

The main task of Groupe AAFER immobilier is to build residences and apartments intended mainly for familial and independent housing. As a result, living in an apartment means living with a group of owners who share the same facilities and spaces. This requires special care and organization to ensure they are accessible to all owners equally. For those reasons, the owners of the residence are required to establish a Syndicate Office.

The syndicate is the general and legal representative of all the individuals who share the ownership of a residence, since he/she is:

  • Represents residents’ requests for repair and maintenance permits to the official authorities.
  • In charge of finding and signing contracts with companies specializing in security and maintenance.
  • Responsible for the proper functioning of the residential facilities (such as the lighting of the entrances and the stairways, the functioning of the elevator, the maintenance of the swimming pool and the proper management of the parking lot).
  • In charge of repairing and maintaining the residential facilities in case of loss.

In light of the significant role that the syndicate office plays in the residence’s management, it must meet a number of conditions and qualifications, which include the following:

  • The focus on achieving the public and collective interest rather than the individual’s. This entails trust, integrity and credibility.
  • A significant level of education and economic training that allows to understand all the management techniques and to follow the flow of the operations and the activities that will take place in the residence.
  • Having a legal training that helps knowing everyone’s rights and duties.

The election of the Syndicate is carried out by the owners and inhabitants of the residence through a general assembly. This gathering is held upon the request of one or more residents, while the other owners are notified by a legal letter 15 days before the meeting:

  • Either through secure mail.
  • Or by a Judicial officer.

In this general assembly, the person elected as a Syndicate member is selected through a vote of the residents, so that all the tasks are assigned to him or her and are consider to be his or her duties, as well as his/her rights over the residents, are publicly agreed upon and accepted. The main duties of the Syndicate are:

  • Maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of the residence.
  • Ensuring security at the entrances and exits of the residence.
  • Preventing any activities that may disturb the residents.
  • Preserving the reputation of the residence and preventing its exploitation through any illegal acts, such as parties, political activities, and union activities.

The Syndicate office is an ideal solution for residents living in the same residence. It is a legal obligation imposed by Moroccan law, which defines its monthly obligations. In the case of eviction with this obligation, the owner will be subject to legal liability. Therefore, your purchase of an apartment in a co-ownership is preliminary proof of your acceptance and involvement within the Syndicate office.

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