The view or the location of the apartment ?

The act of purchasing an apartment is considered to be one of the most important decisions in a person’s life. Buying an apartment is considered a long-term investment, regardless of whether the purpose of the purchase is personal housing or investment. Therefore, it is essential to take the time and think both rationally and objectively, and also to determine the structure and details of the apartment, as well as its location.

Many clients are confused about whether to buy an apartment with a good view or a good location. The question is always: « what is the best choice for the future apartment, the quality of the location or the splendor of the view ? ». So, in order to avoid any potential problems that could ruin the beautiful dream of buying an apartment, and in order to succeed in buying it, we have decided to publish this article in order to provide you with the necessary information about the impact of the location and the view in the decision-making process.

KABILA VISTA resort is nested in a sumptuous area that combines the landscape and the sea view.

First of all, the location of the property is the first important point recommended by real estate agents. The location is considered a factor that may multiply the value of your apartment exponentially in the long term. Furthermore, a person chooses to buy an apartment for the sake of comfort, and the primary factor of comfort is the location in which this person can quickly fulfill its daily activities.

  • Ease of getting to and from work on a daily basis.
  • Ease of carrying the kids to school.
  • Availability of essential commodities near the apartment.
  • A peaceful environment of living.

Moving to the second point which is the view, and as we know, our country is known for its beautiful and abundant natural views, which make it a well-known tourist destination. This fact has prompted the rush of real estate investors to build properties and residences with a variety of beautiful natural views (sea and landscapes).

Beach front properties are very appreciated by clients and investors because of their wonderful views that please the eye and that ease rental activity. As for the landscape views properties, they remain a very attractive destination for those who want to relax and get away from the noise and bustle of the city.

BORJ AL ANDALOUS I and BORJ AL ANDALOUS II have both an excellent location and an amazing view.

So basically, The best deal you can get is a combination of a good location and a magnificent view, and that’s what you’ll find at Groupe AAFER immobilier, which has achieved a balance between a great location that makes it easy to move and reach to all your daily needs, and a good view that will relax and please the viewer in most of its projects.


A resort located in Cabo Negro, built in 2014, is known for its unique architecture, its triple view between pool, sea and nature, and its various facilities from green areas to playgrounds….


A luxurious resort located on the Road of Sebta, known for its exceptional and unique location (between the beaches and the mountains of the region), its luxurious and upscale equipment, and relaxation areas such as swimming pools, tennis courts and playgrounds.


What really distinguishes Borj al Andalous I & II is their location “Malabata Street”, which means the proximity to all the basic amenities of the city such as :

• Tangier City Center
• AL Boraq Train Station
• Tangier International Marina Bay
• Hotels and international restaurants.
• Gymnasiums.
In addition to that, Borj al Andalous is built with the latest technologies such as :
• Sound and thermal insulation.
• The best types of marble, wood, and aluminum.
• Modern facilities such as swimming pools, elevators, and parking spaces.

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